Access_English of VR Lab. Univ. of Tsukuba


By Tsukuba Express line

  1. Take a Tsukuba Express Line at "Akihabara" station, and get off at "Tsukuba" terminal (45-57 minutes)
  2. Take a local bus at bound for "Tsukuba Daigaku Chuoh" (Central of University of Tsukuba), or "Univ. of Tsukuba belt line bus". Departure from Tsukuba Center Bus Stop No.6 to “Daisan Yelia My“ (about 20 minutes) .


  1. Place your car at visitors parking lot next to Building 3F. You will need to get a permit at janitor's room on ground floor in Building 3F.

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Virtual Reality Laboratory
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies
Address: 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, 305-8573 JAPAN
Real_col_Mail.png contact(at)

Lab rooms

3F131 : Prof Iwata (029-853-5362)
3M204: Prof Yano(029-853-5062)
3D108 : Lab 1(029-853-5196)
3L407-1:Lab 2(029-853-5120)
3D110 :Student (029-853-5432)