Fig1. GaitMaster 1

GaitMaster1 - Omni-directional Type

This is a locomotion interface that simulates an omni-directional uneven surface. It is named "GaitMaster." The core elements of the device are two 3 DOF motion-bases mounted on a turntable. A walker stands on top of the plate on the motion-base. Each motion-base is controlled so that it can trace positions of the foot, and the turntable traces the orientation of the walker.
The walker can walk on infinite uneven surface. The motion of the turntable removes any interference between the two motion-bases.

  • Working area of the fot pad:
          • 32cm(back-and-forth)
          • 28cm(left-and-right)
          • 20cm(up-and-down)
  • Maximum Speed:
          • 50cm/s
  • A turntable Maximum angular velocity:
          • 500deg/s
GaitMaster2 - Straight Forward Type

In "GaitMaster2", a 2DOF motion platform (one for each foot) is actuated by two AC motors and chains. The motion platforms track the feet and carry them back to the neutral position. Users can physically walk in a virtualspace while their position is maintained, even as they move up and down a virtual staircase.

  • Horizontal working area:
          • 80cm
  • Vertical working area:
          • 20cm
  • Maximum horizontal speed:
          • 1.5m/s
  • Maximum payload:
          • 80k

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Fig.2 GaitMaster 2